Quonset Hut Homes – Quonset hut: the long, semi-circular structures that dot the plains and are oftentimes seen in hangars and terminals. The hut is mostly used as a storage space or facility, protecting inventory and raw materials from damage and loss. They also serve as a place to keep vehicles, from the smallest bikes to the largest trucks, ships, and planes. Quonset huts are the typical choice among business owners and industry greats because they are sturdy, flexible and last a long time. But nowadays, this unique structure is also invading the most ordinary suburban neighborhoods and towns, giving rise to a number of Quonset hut homes.

Quonset hut homes are only possible to those individuals who see the merits of the humble hut. But however simple the structure may look, its assets are unparalleled even by the most luxurious construction materials in the market today. Thanks also to the availability of new styles and design options, the Quonset hut of today can now be easily transformed into the coziest cottage, the trendiest abode, or the most modern fixture the neighborhood has ever beheld.

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Styling Options

Most Quonset hut homes start with the typical kit that can be bought from manufacturers. But ever since the rise of Quonset-inspired homes, manufacturers are now offering a number of styles for buyers to sift through. From unique façades to intricate roofing designs, buyers can now personalize their huts with unlimited design options.

Exterior siding and paneling can now be added to enhance the look of the hut. From wood to cinderblock and stone, homeowners can choose the look they want their hut to exude. The front wall of the structure becomes a canvass where texture meets shape and color. It is no surprise to see the geometrical play of shapes among modern Quonset hut homes that dot a few streets. The unique angle of the side wall offers homeowners an opportunity to decorate using various window types and shapes. In addition, flooring and paint choices are also numerous.

Some manufacturers also offer two-story huts for individuals who want more floor space inside their homes. For the most part, the roof and sides are still built using metal because they remain the foremost framing and source of stability for the house. The pillar-less indoor space can also be partitioned into smaller rooms to be more functional and to offer more privacy for the owners.

Creative Functionality

It is easy to think out of the box when it comes to styling Quonset hut homes. Individuals who finally chose this structure should be ready to go all-out when it comes to styling the exterior and interior faces of the hut. Styling the hut is only too limiting to those who are not ready to embrace innovation and creativity, but the true challenge is building a suitable abode that the owners can call home.

The Quonset hut is highly functional when the design options are maximized. One way to start is for homeowners to look at a few inspirations and draw from these once they start building their own home.

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