Quonset Hut for Sale – For those who are planning to install additional storage space in their lots, they should consider looking at Quonset hut for sale.

A Quonset hut is a metal structure quintessentially shaped like a cake roll. This structure traces its roots from the steel manufacture boom during the 1940s. The shape, modularity and durability of the prefabricated steel structure has made the Quonset hut one of the most enduring structures today, primarily as a storage facility.

Nowadays, thanks to greater design flexibility and improved resistances, a Quonset hut can be turned into a garage, workshop, office and even a small house or cottage. The sky’s the limit when it comes to modern uses of this structure, and it all begins by discovering the many types of Quonset hut for sale.

Quonset Hut Models

Quonset huts are typically sold in kits by steel manufacturers and construction material distributors. The names of these kits vary from one vendor to the other, but Quonset huts generally fall under two models: the Q model and the S model. The Q model has angular side walls, while the S model has straightened side walls. Each type of model has its advantages and disadvantages. The Q model is wider than the S model; thus, making them a bit lower in height. The S model, on the other hand, is taller but narrower than the Q model.

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Individuals who plan to use a Quonset hut for sale primarily for storage of inventory should do well with the S model, since the straight walls maximize the use of indoor space. Q model users in contrast can get the benefit of a bigger floor space, which is handy for garages and offices. The vertical clearance should also be considered when choosing between the two models.


Depending on the type of kit bought, a Quonset hut for sale can also consist of purely metal parts or a combination of wood and metal. Individuals who are on a tight budget can procure a Quonset hut using combined wood and metal for its framing. But those who buy metal framing can benefit from a more durable inner structure as well as fire resistance.

Depending on the scale of the project or the size of the hut bought, the materials used in framing can also mean the difference between installing the hut in a DIY fashion or calling contractors for the job. Materials made of a combination of wood and metal are usually heavier compared to purely metal framing.

Other Considerations

When choosing from among the types of Quonset hut for sale, buyers must consider their budget and the manner of installation. Installing a Quonset hut can be done by a single person, but to ensure that all bolts and frames are secured tightly, beginners should get the help of a contractor. Bigger projects would also need the help of extra hands for a faster and more bearable installation. Afterwards, the owner of the Quonset hut can further improve the structure with insulation, lighting and others.

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